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Lost Property

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My first book, Lost Property, is being published by the fine folk at Nobrow as part of their 17×23 series. The story follows Gerald Cribbin, a postman who finds every object he ever owned stored in the basement of a local lost property office…

The book is out early 2015 and can be pre-ordered here.

Meet Gerald Cribbin

Some early sketches of Gerald Cribbin, the character from my new book Lost Property, out next year by Nobrow.

Return to The Lakes

tt kmc pic 4s

Today I’m off to Kendal for The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. I’ll be selling my usual wares including a special edition Teabag Theory that claims Kendal Mint Cake might make a suitable snack on the moons of Saturn. Sort of. It was a brilliant festival last year and there are loads of great guests making an appearance (including Scott McCloud, Boulet and Becky Cloonan) so I’m chuffed to be a part of it.

Orbital Exhibition

loi poster
Very chuffed to be taking part in an exhibition at Orbital Comics alongside Cristian Ortiz and James Harvey. There’s a launch night on Friday 8th August and it runs till 7th September so hope to see some of you there. Details of the launch event can be found here.


teabag theories teabag theories
Tomorrow is the East London Comics and Arts Festival, I’ll be there selling my wares alongside some proper good talent. My book is still a few months away so I’ve brewed some fresh Teabag Theories for the occasion. Hope to see you there.

Tiny Pencil Interview

Here’s an interview I did for Tiny Pencil about my contribution to issue 3, my tea drinking habits and work in general. I’m chuffed to be a part of it so big cheers to them. The latest issue and others can be purchased here.

In other news, I’m currently in the midst of working on my first book, due out later this year. More details soon!

Shots Strip 6

shots strip 6
Merry SFXmas! My festive strip for Shots magazine, featuring Hollywood’s next big turkey. Previous strips can be viewed here.

Shots Strip 5

shots strip 5
My recent Halloween themed strip for Shots magazine, Dawn of the Director. A fairly accurate portrayal of what I’m like at ludicrously early hours on set.

Tiny Pencil

poae 1
Last weekend was the Thought Bubble festival in Leeds, a wonderful frenzy of comics in all shapes and sizes spread across 3 huge halls. In addition to my usual wares I had the pleasure of selling Tiny Pencil issue 3, the latest anthology book featuring comics and illustration produced purely with pencil. Alongside my two page tale (called Portrait of an Exorcism) are contributions by Renee French, Barnaby Richards, Isabel Greenberg and Jeremy Holmes to name a few, so it’s well worth a look. Get your copy here.

Shots Strip 4

shots strip 4

It’s a case of lens envy in my latest strip for Shots magazine.

Last week I gave a short talk at Process, the monthly workshop and discussion group at Gosh! Comics, about my recent exhibition at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. A write-up of the event can be found here, including Lorenzo Fiorini’s tips from the great Eduardo Risso and a watercolour demonstration by Richy K Chandler.


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